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Welcome to the 56th Annual California Student Media Festival! 

Below is the order we will be announcing the awards. Stay tuned - there may be some cool activities and guest presenters! 

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May 21, 2-4pm


Hall Davidson, Festival Host 

Glen Warren, Festival Director


Special Guests:

Delaine Eastin

Former California Superintendent of Public Instruction

Martin Cisneros

Adobe - Creative Cloud Express Activity


High School Aesthetic Non-Fiction Finalists

Sanger High School

Burbank High School

La Quinta High School Creative Writing Program

Elementary Academic Non-Fiction Finalists

El Camino Creek Elementary

Mission Estancia Elementary

Paul Ecke Central Elementary

Middle School Aesthetic Non-Fiction Finalists

David A Brown Middle School

Quantum Academy

David A Brown Middle School

Elementary Academic Fiction Finalists

Sherman Elementary School

Sherman Elementary School

Laguna Road Elementary School

Middle School Aesthetic Fiction Finalists

Tuffree Middle School

Tuffree Middle School

David A Brown Middle School

Middle School Academic Non-Fiction Finalists

Rancho Minerva Middle School

Rancho Minerva Middle School

Isaac Newton Graham Middle School

Elementary Aesthetic Fiction Finalists

Laguna Road School

El Camino Creek Elementary

Melrose Elementary Math/Science/Technology Magnet

Middle School Academic Fiction Finalists

St. Margaret's Episcopal School

St. Margaret's Episcopal School

Las Flores Middle School

High School Academic Non-Fiction Finalists

Renaissance High School

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

Huntington Beach Academy for the Performing Arts

High School Academic Fiction Finalists

John F. Kennedy Architecture/Digital Design/Filmmaking Magnet HS

John F. Kennedy Architecture/Digital Design/Filmmaking Magnet HS

Whittier Union HS

Elementary Aesthetic Non-Fiction Finalists

Echo Horizon School

Ocean Knoll Elementary

El Camino Creek Elementary

High School Aesthetic Fiction Finalists

CHAMPS Charter High School of the Arts

Burbank High School

Burbank High School


Adobe Creator Awards | Presented by Martin Cisneros & Lindsey Blass, Adobe

Media & Information Literacy Awards | Lesley Farmer, CSLA

California State Park Adventures - Environmental Stewardship Awards | Scott Shepherd, California State Parks PORTS Program

Global Awareness Awards | Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Global Oneness

Artificial Intelligence Award | Nisha Talagala, AI Club

K12 International School Award | Dr. Gary Carnow, Festival Benefactor

Master of Genre Award

Hollywood Musical Award

Emerging Technology Award | Presented by Ann Kozma, Flipgrid

Teacher-Created Project Award

Best Music Video & Special Effects Award | Sabba Quidwai, Wix

Best Original Score Award

Best Use of Humor Awards - Barbara Nemko, Napa County Office of Education

Best Editing & Directing Awards - Mario Piombo, Napa Valley Education Foundation

Secondary SEL Award - Mike Lawrence, Jamf

Martin Cisneros, Adobe - Adobe Creative Cloud Express Activity Recap


GRAND PRIZE Secondary Academic

GRAND PRIZE Elementary Academic

GRAND PRIZE Middle School Aesthetic

GRAND PRIZE Elementary Aesthetic

GRAND PRIZE High School Aesthetic

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Dr. Gary Carnow
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