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Youth Voice Award

Celebrating authentic youth voice in all its forms

Youth Voice is at the center of our film festival, and this award is all about just that. The Youth Voice Award is a tribute to the significance of the student experience, and allows us to hear directly from young changemakers about their needs, experiences, inspiration, and ideas about transforming the world and their vision for it. 


Youth Voice can be defined as the “expression, performance, and creativity by students.” It can be an articulation of self-determined goals or a passion described by a student, showcasing how they perceive the world and envision its future.  It can also describe a student’s view of learning in school. This award allows the festival to recognize and celebrate authentic student voices, reflecting the next generation of diverse and unique perspectives.

We thank the team at reDesign for the inspiration and sponsorship for this award.

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The following school donations will be announced LIVE during the festival:



  • Academic - Elementary - $750

  • Academic - Secondary - $750

  • Aesthetic - Elementary - $750

  • Aesthetic - Secondary - $750



  • Youth Voice Award - Elementary - $500

  • Youth Voice Award  - Secondary - $500

  • Greatness of School Libraries - $500

  • Media & Information Literacy - Elementary - $500

  • Media & Information Literacy -Secondary - $500

  • Park Adventures: Journeys to Stewardship - California State Parks* - Elementary - $500

  • Park Adventures: Journeys to Stewardship - California State Parks* - Secondary - $500

  • Student or Teacher use of Artificial Intelligence

* NOTE: If you plan to film in a California State Park, please contact your local representative for photographic permitting purposes. 

Any questions?

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Prizes: Text

Additional Plaques

Every winning project receives one plaque from the festival at no cost for the participant, their school or teacher.


Extra plaques or finalist plaques may ordered by students, parents, teachers, or schools. Many teachers and/or parents acquire extra plaques for major student contributors to the project or for the school trophy case, computer lab, or media room. The plaques display the award category, the project title, and school name and the year.

2024 Winners: Additional plaques will be available through June 21 for purchase for $55 + tax/shipping by emailing Glenn Green !!



**Fees from award sales do not support the Festival - we keep costs as low as possible for winners.

CSMF Plaque 2024.png
Prizes: Image


The California Student Media Festival donates thousands of dollars per year to schools across the Golden State. But more importantly, we impact the lives of thousands of children from their TK through Senior year. Below is a glimpse at the breakdown of Elementary and Secondary students that participated in recent years. Help YOUR students own their own learning - enter their creative works in the festival! 

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