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Entry Guidelines


ENTRY WINDOW: January 15 - April 15 - CLOSED!

FESTIVAL: June 1, Hollywood HS, 10am (Elem.), 1pm (Sec)


Eligible: All PreK-12 California Schools, Extracurricular Programs, Extended Day Programs

Cost: FREE


  • All winning projects receive one plaque at no cost. Additional plaques are available for purchase. 

  • School/Program donations of $500-$750 for each of the following:

    • Grand Prize winner: Academic - Elementary 

    • Grand Prize winner: Academic - Secondary

    • Grand Prize winner: Aesthetic - Elementary

    • Grand Prize winner: Aesthetic - Secondary

    • Media & Information Literacy - Elementary - details

    • Media & Information Literacy - Secondary - details

    • Youth Voice - reDesign EDU - Elementary - details

    • Youth Voice - reDesign EDU - Secondary - details

    • Park Adventures: Journeys to Stewardship - California State Parks - Elementary - details

    • Park Adventures: Journeys to Stewardship - California State Parks - Secondary - details

    • Greatness of School Libraries Award - details

  • Some special award winners may receive additional in-kind prizes for the sponsoring school or program


  1. Upload your project to a public-facing URL. We recommend YouTube, iCloud, Google Drive as options.

  2. Please read through the PRACTICE ENTRY FORM, FESTIVAL RUBRIC, and these guidelines BEFORE completing the application. Once you get started, the online application should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You cannot save an application in progress.

  3. Include all credits for copyrighted or original sources  IN your project or in the description text below the video. NOTE: Copyright & Citation Aligned: All entries should follow copyright law & fair use guidelines. Credits should include original student work as well as all other contributors and sources. Judges need to know when they are seeing original student work.


  1. All entries must have a valid, public URL. Please double check that your URL is valid before submitting it. Please make sure it is accessible through June and does not "time out."

  2. Please be sure you have permission on file for all of the students featured in your project. It will be your responsibility to save all forms releasing student likeness until requested by media festival officials.

  3. Enter each project only once. We offer two divisions: Elementary (grades pre-k-6) & Secondary (grades 6-12).

  4. For each project, choose ONE purpose category: Academic or Aesthetic and ONE content category: Fiction or Non-Fiction. What do these terms mean? 
    Academic: Addresses a curriculum objective 
    Aesthetic: Made as an artistic expression
    Elements of Both: Blend of academic and aesthetic 
    Nonfiction: ex. Biographies or book reviews
    Fiction: ex. F
    airy tales or imaginary creatures
    Elements of Both: Blend of nonfiction and fiction

  5. While we do not offer 'topic' categories, there are special categories offered that may provide additional opportunities for those focused on specific subjects to win donations for their schools/programs:

      • Media & Information Literacy  - details

      • Youth Voice - reDesign EDU - details

      • Park Adventures: Journeys to Stewardship - California State Parks - details

      • Greatness of School Libraries Award - details

      • Student or Teacher use of Artificial Intelligence - details

  6. Teachers, parents, or program coordinators submit all entries. All communication from the festival will be sent to the adult responsible for the entry.

  7. Teachers are limited to a maximum of THREE total entries per class project. Do not submit an entire class of entries - pick your top three.

  8. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. PDT on the day of the submission deadline.

  9. Entries from the previous school year must represent work that was completed after April 14, 2023.

  10. Save a complete, high-resolution copy of your project, as this is required for all winning projects.

Please contact with submission questions.​

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